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Editing and Critique Services

Raise your book to the next level with author, editor and mentor, Jane Turley

Publishing is changing. Whether you're a self-published author, a traditional one or an aspiring writer, readers, literary agents and publishers seek stories that are as near to perfection as possible. The era when publishers nurtured writers only expecting a return on their investment after several novels no longer exists. If you want your writing to stand out in the slushpile or on publishing platforms, learning your craft and shaping your book to professional standards is critical. A good editor will analyse every aspect of your writing and help you develop your story, bringing it truly to life. There are no shortcuts in novel writing. No quick fixes. So, if you need a guiding hand, someone who will empathise and appreciate your objectives, then please get in touch with me, Jane Turley. I'm here for you if you need help and, should you wish, we can work together to raise your book to the next level.


Speciality editing services

Harness your creativity

Legal Research and Writing


A critique is a valuable way, especially for aspiring writers, to hone their craft. Psychologist K Anders Ericsson introduced the now generally accepted belief that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. While expertise may not be necessary to achieve bestseller status, practice and competency will certainly improve your performance. Many writers look to their close family and friends for verification, but few can offer impartial advice. Professional, pertinent and constructive feedback can accelerate your learning and help drive you forwards.

Developmental editing

If you're going round in circles unsure if there's an element missing from your plot, characterisations or timeline, you may need a developmental editor. A developmental editor will analyse your writing, identify problems and steer you towards solutions. I am trained as a literacy tutor as well as an editor so while I will edit your manuscript thoroughly, I won't leave you feeling broken and bruised and not able to pick up your pen again. 

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Academic Essay Editing

The job market is a competitive one and never have qualifications been more critical than they are now. If you want to raise your results to the next level and secure the degree you always wanted, then investing in an editor to help finalise your essays may be a worthwhile investment. So far,  I've supported university students in English Literature, English Language, Law, Business Studies, History, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Microbiology and Ethics.


Freelance writing

I love writing in all forms. From the spontaneity of my comedy blogs and careful crafting of my fiction to investigative journalism and special interest articles. Every form excites me, fuels my passion for the craft. I tackle many subjects because I also love to learn and engage with the world around me. All of which informs upon my work. I am equally happy writing silly stories about my personal life as I am writing about politics or technological developments in house styles. Please contact me if you want to discuss any ideas.

Open Magazines


I'm an author who has learnt the hard way, writing and learning my craft in the public eye on my blog and on the web for over 13 years. I write in many genres but comedy is my love and silliness is my speciality. People are often fooled into thinking I am solely a clown but there's more to me than meets the eye! I have a history degree and have also studied theatre, philosophy and maths at degree level. I have two teaching qualifications, including an adult literacy one. Currently, I am studying for an MA in comedy writing under the guidance of comedy producer, Simon Nicholls.

I am also a qualified retail jeweller and have spent many years in retail management and have worked for some of the world's premier jewellers. I have a lifetime of experiences: birth, death, divorce, love, loss and laughter. When I write and edit, I bring not just my analytical and academic mind to the table but my life too. 


Code of Conduct &

Mission Statement

In addition to my academic qualifications, I also hold editing and proofreading certificates from The Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders.

My objective is to help you produce your best work possible. We are all not destined to reach bestseller status but we can produce work that is personally satisfying. As a humour writer, I know more than most how writing is subjective. Therefore, I aim to treat every manuscript in a professional manner and with the respect that every writer deserves no matter where they are on their writing journey. 

I am also a partner member of The Alliance of Independent Authors and abide by their ethical code. I highly recommend The Alliance, especially if you are at the beginning of your self-publishing journey, for advice and support. You will find the knowledge of their many successful authors invaluable.


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